Hi! I just wanted to give you a few final tips :) Here are some things to plan for and bring with you on the day-of. As always, feel free to call or text me anytime at: (617) 372-3557.

1 week to go //

  • Wear Sunscreen/Cover Up!: This may sound like a no-brainer, but tan lines can make or break your images (especially if you want the photos to remain timeless) -- our grandparents did NOT have tan lines in their wedding photos! :) Be generous with the sunscreen and/or cover up this week.
  • Review Timeline + Portrait List: Please take just a few minutes to review the Timeline and Portrait List we created -- and send me any final edits.
  • Go on a Date: Yep, this should be a top priority item on your to-do list this week. Plan something low-key with the fiancé, even just a simple dinner out. The catch? No wedding planning talk!
  • Fiancé Card/Gift: Following this lovely date, think about writing a card for your fiancé, to open on the wedding day.
  • Hang It Pretty: Do have a nice hanger for your wedding dress. Sometimes wedding gowns come with simple, plastic or paper hangers (which aren't that pretty). Grab a wood or fabric wrapped hanger for the dress (it's these little details that make all the difference).

the night before //

  • Drink Water: Trust me, you won't be drinking much water on the day-of, so get the majority of your hydration in on the day before.
  • Get Beauty Rest: You're probably planning for this already, but do make sure to get 8-hours of sleep the night before. 
  • The Paper Suite: Please pack your wedding "paper suite" to bring your prep/hotel room (meaning anything you've had printed for the wedding), such as: Save-The-Date Cards, the Invitation, Ceremony Program, extra Seating Place Cards, a Dinner Menu, etc. I've love to photograph these items as part of the overall theme for your day.

the day of //

  • EAT BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!: I can't stress this enough. I've had a number of brides this year actually faint or feel terribly ill because they forgot to eat (and no, you can't just eat some fruit -- I highly suggest that you eat a giant breakfast burrito!!). It's not fun to feel weak on your wedding day, so please just eat, even if you don't feel like it. This is so important, that if you haven't eaten by the time I arrive, I won't take any photos of you. I'm dead serious! ;)
  • A Clean-Up Point Person: Ask someone to be in charge of straightening your hotel room or prep area, about 10 minutes before I arrive. It's a pretty easy job and only takes a few minutes (hide the luggage, make the bed, throw away water bottles, clean up food, etc.). It will HUGELY improve the feel of your prep images (i.e. just say NO to clutter!). *This is a great task to assign to the personal attendant.
  • Wedding Party Final Prep: Give your wedding party (especially the bridesmaids) a heads-up that they should plan to be fully ready about 30 minutes BEFORE YOU. This means... 1) dressed in their wedding attire, 2) finished with all hair/make-up, and 3) all bags packed. Once you start doing your own final touches, it's really nice to have your wedding party available to support and have fun with you (instead of running around doing distracting things like blow drying their hair, packing bags, frantically searching for their shoes, etc.).


  • My Mobile: Please make sure that you have my mobile number stored IN YOUR PHONE... (617) 372-3557.


Thanks so much and talk soon!



It's super helpful for me to have this final list of Vendors; not only to communicate with them on the day-of, but also to be able to provide them with imagery of their great work!

*If you do not have a vendor for any role listed below, feel free to leave that field blank.