We'll work to determine a date, specific time and location to meet. All you two have to do is show up, looking cute :) I will do a lot of "directing" to get a nice variety of portraits and candid shots (don't worry, it's my job to help you both feel comfortable and suggest natural poses!). A "mini" session will last approximately 45 minutes and a "full" session is 1.5 hours. We'll shoot in a number of different spots around our main location to get a variety of images.


  • You should style your hair and make-up per usual, OR you can also schedule a wedding "trial run" with your stylist for that day
  • See below for Wardrobe ideas (you can never have too many options!)
  • Please enter my mobile number into your phone: (617) 372-3557

Wardrobe Ideas

  • Do take a look at my Blog Post "What to wear for Engagement Photos"
  • I recommend that you bring at least 2 wardrobe options (think a variety pants, dresses, tops, jackets, etc.) -- it's sometimes best to just bring all of your options in a laundry basket for easy access (can leave this in car)
  • Don't be afraid of patterns, colors, stripes, sparkles and/or items that show off your personality!
  • Remember to bring some accessories (jewelry, scarves, hats, boots, etc.)

Inspiration Links

I hope that helps! Feel free to email with any additional questions: hello@weddingsbybernadette.com